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The administrative district (Landkreis) of Osnabrück is situated in the southwest of lower Saxony. With its scenic and picturesque 2.121 square kilometres it is the second largest administrative district (Landkreis) and is almost as big as the Saarland. 21 communities and boroughs make up the administrative district (Landkreis). Around 350,000 inhabitants live here altogether.

A strong and successful economy
The backbone of a strong and successful economy has been established through industry, trade, commerce and agriculture. A wonderful infrastructure with an excellent transport system as well as a wealth of educational and training facilities have made the region an attractive commercial centre.

Discover the past
Key historic events have left their mark on the Osnabrück region, particularly the legendary Varus battle. In the small village of Bramsche-Kalkriese, the museum and park commemorate the defeat of the Roman military general by the Germanic Prince Arminius in 9 A.D. Historic buildings and many castles invite visitors to discover the past - around 3,000 buildings are national heritage protection sites. Serene wind and water mills and picturebook scenery are just as inviting as the idyllic nature.

Enjoy being healthy
People in the Osnabrück region make time for themselves. Above all, for their guests. This may be the reason why the healing spa gardens in the Osnabrück region enjoy so much popularity. Furthermore, the latest high-tech treatments in clinics and rehabilitation facilities also speak for themselves.

Active leisure time
You can of course enjoy active leisure activities in the Osnabrück region: sailing and surfing, golf, and most notably, the hiking, canoeing and cycling routes offer diversity and even more freedom of movement to those who like to get up and go. Take a look around. Experience the charms of our region. 

Worth a visit, well worth the experience

Unique and diverse landscapes
Relax with us in one of the largest nature parks in Germany with its unique and varied scenery. Over 70% of the nature park's area is woodland with diverse and sometimes rare plants. A fantastic climate giving you room to breathe.

Natural monuments and historic events
European history was written in Kalkriese in 9 A.D. when the Germanics defeated the Roman inhabitants in the Battle of Teutoburg under Varus. The most well-known natural monuments include "Saurierspuren" (dinosaur tracks) near Bad Essen-Barkhausen and the "Bifurcation" near Melle-Gesmold. 

Half-timbered buildings and mills
Many castles from the Middle Ages can be found in the Osnabrück region. Typical for the landscape are the beautiful half-timbered buildings which are heaped in history. The villages and enchanting historical regional centres with their lovingly restored half-timbered buildings houses from the 17th and 18th centuries as well as the water and windmills are some of the most striking sights.

Leisure activities and healing spas
The Osnabrück region lets you discover an abundance of hiking, cycling and water routes. Numerous spa visitors make the most of nature's natural healing powers in the hydropathical, saltwater and heated saltwater health spas of the Osnabrück region.

Geological diversity
From a geological and soil science point of view the Osnabrück region has a lot to offer. There is hardly another region where so many types of soil, stone and rock are to be found in such a small area. All geological formations and soil types known to Lower Saxony can be found here -and even mud-flats.

Leisure, fun, culture and relaxation
You want to experience nature and culture to the full? Then you've come to the right place: we offer over 100 tips for leisure activities. Sailing and surfing, golf, horse riding and above all nature and cycling tours: active leisure activities are abound in the Osnabrück region. Museums with distinctive themes and unique natural monuments invite you to contemplate and analyse. 

A virtual regional visit
We also introduce you to the most beautiful places in the region as well as provide you with useful tips and information about where to stay and what to experience during your visit.

A commercial centre with potential

The Osnabrück Landkreis (district) is easily reachable from every direction - from the north and south, from the east and west. This is due to the presence of two major European roads, the A 1/E 37 and the A 30/E 30 which meet here. The national motorway, the A 33, is also accessible. International train networks and the Mittellandkanal provide rail and waterway connections.

On your doorstep: the international airport Münster/Osnabrück, one of the fastest growing commercial airports in Germany - excellent connections for all industries. 

Qualified workers 
The Osnabrück region boasts excellent educational and social facilities and a diverse cultural life. Education, training and further education have the utmost priority in Osnabrück. Osnabrück's large network of schools and vocational colleges, the university and two technical colleges as well as many adult further education centres provide for qualified and motivated workers.

A choice of 50 office spaces
The Osnabrück Landkreis (district) currently possesses a wealth of 50 different office spaces. Our Internet site provides extensive and current information, for example, with regard to usage specifications, infrastructure and prices.

Industry and enterprise
The Osnabrück Landkreis (district) offers a wide industry structure of primarily small and medium-sized companies. The manufacturing industry tops the list. Alongside the food industry and metal processing, wood processing and agriculture also have particular significance.

There are suppliers to the automobile industry, manufacturers of high-grade steel, wallpaper and pasteboards, furniture, amber jewellery and clocks for clock-towers.

Trade without boundaries
We possess the most modern slaughterhouse in Europe, the largest luxury foods/salad manufacturer in Europe, the largest ornamental fish factory in the world- to name but a few superlatives. Other industries are not far behind: a trade structure without boundaries.

Partnership in Europe

Due to historic events and with respect to Poland's planned entrance into the European Union, The Osnabrück Landkreis (district) is making a special contribution to the development of a German-Polish friendship.

Exchange programme with the Olsztyn Landkreis (district)
An exchange programme with the district of Olsztyn (Allenstein) has existed since 1999.

During youth meetings and sports events, exhibitions and concerts, seminars and work meetings the people of both districts have got to know and regard each other. This has created a network of strong ties between the districts amongst firemen and sportspeople, teachers and pupils, administrative experts and tourism specialists.

The Olsztyn Landkreis (district) is worth a visit with its numerous forests, 155 picturesque lakes and historical evidence of its fascinating past. It is situated in north-eastern Poland in the Ermland - Masuren region.

Cooperation with Walcz und Gryfino
Over the past few years further strong communal links have been forged with other Polish Landkreise (districts). We support friendly relationships between towns and village communities of Landkreise (districts) in Poland and Germany. Therefore, both the Landkreis (district) and the community of Bad Essen signed a declaration in 2002 with regard to cooperation with the Walcz Landkreis (district) (German Krone). There are also strong ties with the Gryfino Landkreis (district) (Greifenhagen).

Customer Services

The district council for the region of Osnabrück is responsible for a number of things like the building and upkeep of local streets, granting permission for constructional developments and processing applications for child support benefit.

Because we, the district council association, are aware of the duties of local government and also the responsibilities of the Länder (German counties). In the federal construction of the Federal Republic of Germany, they form the third level of public administration together with the towns and communities.

From a local authority to a modern service provider
Since the mid-nineties, government and administration has been undergoing constant reform. Citizen and staff guidance as well as economic efficiency have been the main focus. For administration to be controlled quickly and in a flexible manner, hierarchies will be dismantled, high-performing units created and more direct responsibilities will be transferred to individual employees.

Online service
Customer-friendly hours of business, short waiting times, and quicker service at the district council for the region of Osnabrück are the result of the local authority's transformation into a modern service provider. You can of course access our services online as well.

Getting to us

By car, rail or plane - the Osnabrück Landkreis (district) can be reached quickly and easily by (almost) all methods of transport and from almost all directions.

By plane
There are quick direct flights from Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO) to most German and many European airports. You can get from the airport to the Hauptbahnhof (main station) and back with the dial-a-ride airport shuttle service.

By rail
Deutsche Bahn provides excellent connections from Hamburg/Bremen, the Ruhr- and the Rhine-Main region, Berlin/Hanover and from the Netherlands to Osnabrück - the end station by train is Osnabrück's Hauptbahnhof (main station).

The regional NordWestbahn provides a further local connection between Weser und Ems. From Osnabrück's Hauptbahnhof the administrative offices can be reached easily by bus or taxi.

By car
The A1, A30 and A33 motorways (Autobahn) lead to the Osnabrück region. Further important routes include the A roads 51, 68, 214 und 218. This is how you get here: 

  • From Hamburg-Bremen take the A 1 motorway to the junction turnoff Osnabrück/Lotte, then take the A 30 motorway in the direction of Hanover to the motorway turnoff Osnabrück-Nahne.
  • From the Ruhr region take the A 1 motorway to the junction turnoff Osnabrück/Lotte, then take the A 30 motorway in the direction of Hanover to the motorway turnoff Osnabrück-Nahne
  • From Bad Bentheim (Holland) take the A 30 motorway to the motorway turnoff Osnabrück-Nahne.
  • From Berlin-Hanover take the A 2 motorway to the junction turnoff Bad Oeynhausen, then take the A 30 motorway to the motorway turnoff Osnabrück-Nahne.


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